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Have There Ever Been Real Zombies?

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Have There Ever Been Real Zombies?

The question of “have there ever been real zombies” is, believe it or not, a legitimate one. After all, all they really are are mindless creatures that shuffle around aimlessly with no purpose or reason. We all know someone like that now don’t we? But seriously, except for the fact that movie zombies are the walking dead and like to eat human flesh there are medical conditions that can cause people to otherwise resemble the characteristics of zombies.


People with Alzheimer’s or dementia can exhibit characteristics much like those of zombies. Patients with severe Alzheimer’s decease have been known to wonder round aimlessly with no recollection of where they are or who they are and not recognize any of their friends or family.


However, this is not the kind of zombie cases I want to talk about. I want to talk about the ones where the people were once dead but are now back walking the earth.

I’m talking about those zombies that people have witnessed as being dead and buried. I’m talking about real accounts of zombies.


So, have there ever been real zombies? Well the people of the Caribbean island of Haiti believe in it so much that they have a law against zombification. A person found violating this law could receive a life sentence. 


In Haiti there are voodoo priests known as bokors that Haitians believe have the power to turn the dead into zombies and do so to use them as slaves. If there is a fear that a loved will be turned into a zombie after death, family members will mutilate the body before burial. Usually by stabbing it or cutting off the head.


There have been real cases of zombies in Haiti where people have seen acquaintances that they actually saw dead and buried walking around some time later making indistinguishable sounds and could not recognize people that they knew previously.

There was even a case where a woman saw her brother in the marketplace of her village, who was buried after his death was verified at a hospital 18 years earlier. The brother said that he had been a zombie slave for all of those years.


The movies have thrilled us with zombies every since the 1968 release of “Night of the Living Dead”. We love seeing those mindless, lumbering, flesh eating souls going after the living for their daily meal. But have there ever been real zombies? Maybe not like the ones we see in the movies, but there have been sightings of the walking dead. The movie “The Serpent and the Rainbow” is based on a true account of how a person can become a zombie. Check it out if you get a chance. 

In Haiti zombies are a real phenomena. If you would to read about more accounts of zombies in real life then click the link.

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